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Welcome to the Village Movement!
How do you want to grow older?
independently, in your own home among family and friends, with your pets, your garden, your memories, and the things you love?
If that's how you see your future, it's easier than ever to make it happen. The Village Movement, started in 2002 in Beacon Hill in Boston, is an expanding concept of aging well, on our own terms, in our own homes, in our own communites. For baby boomers and seniors it offers a new kind of future; for communities it offers a network of services to support aging populations.
Santa Fe Neighbors/Vecinos de Santa Fe is a non-profit, self-supporting, "virtual Village". Modeled after nearly 400 similar Villages throughout the U.S., our members, volunteers, and community partners work together to provide the physical services, social engagement, and timely referrals necessary to help us age safely and comfortably in our own homes, making our own decisions, and fully inhabiting our own lives.
Who can join?
Seniors aged 55+ in greater Santa Fe and Santa Fe County
How we can help seniors age well, in place:
TRANSPORTATION: Rides for medical appointments, grocery shopping, errands, classes, lunch dates, social gatherings, etc.
LIGHT HOME MAINTENANCE CHORES: Change light bulbs, walk a dog, fix a door, prepare a meal, take out trash, organize personal papers, etc. – repairs and services that keep us safe and sound in our own homes.
TECH SUPPORT: Help with your computer, wireless network, or phone to help you stay connected via text, tweet, skype, face time or email
COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE REFERRAL LISTS: All our volunteers are thoroughly vetted, and providers are licensed and screened. Additionally, we negotiate discountss for members whenever possible.
SOCIAL EVENTS CONTACT: Friendly visits, daily check-in phone calls, social gatherings, exercise classes, book clubs, lectures and talks, outings to events, movies, museums, the theater, and more
"Peace of mind....with support when and where
you need it. That's what we're all about."
Santa Fe Neighbors, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501-(C)3 organization
Why a Village for greater Santa Fe?
New Mexico's older population is growing rapidly. Acording to U.S census figures, in 2010 there were 21,770 people over the age of 65 in Santa Fe County. By 2015, that number had jumped to 31,075 – an increase of more than 40%. And this segment of the population comtinues to grow – at nearly twice the rate of the general population.
Our community is blessed with excellent organizations that serve older New Mexicans, but over time they cannot possible provide everything that everyone needs. By adding a layer of personal support and connection, Santa Fe Neighbors offers members choices and control, while creating a caring community of friendship and empowerment.
Every Village is a Grassroots Member-Driven Organization
Designed at the local level by people who want to devise better ways to take care of ourselves as we age, every Village is somewhat different because each is member-driven. It is the recommendations, suggestions and involvement of our members that determine the activities, services and programs we offer. Being a member of an organization is a powerful tool, especially an organzation that exists solely to give members what they want! Designed by and for people over age 55, Santa Fe Neighbors inclusive. We welcome all people from all areas of Santa Fe and all walks of life.
Villages are Self-Governing
Santa Fe Neighbors' board is drawn from the local community. We establish our own governance and define our own documents. Working with our members and the community, the board sets policies, creates activities, and is responsible for the health of the organization. Volunteers—and someday, a small staff—carry out the day-to-day operations.
A Self-Supporting Nonprofit Organization
As one of more than 200 Villages currently operating in the Village-to-Village Network in the U.S., Santa Fe Neighbors has its own nonprofit status, and funding to support services and programs comes through membership fees, grants and community support.
Our Village Consolidates Services
A basic operating principle in the village movement is that we use the resources that exist already in the community. Santa Fe Neighbors/Vecinos de Santa Fe includes a highly centralized and personalized referral system. Members need to make only one phone call to access a world of information and services. Our volunteers are thoroughly vetted and trained; our recommended providers are screened, and we are trying to negotiate member discounts with them.
A Village Cares for the Whole Person
Villages are designed to promote healthy aging across the board: socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Unhindered by restrictions from funders or limited in the types of services we can deliver, Santa Fe Neighbors is completely consumer-driven and defined. We strive to honor every member request.
Strategic and Community Partners of Santa Fe Neighbors
As Santa Fe Neighbors completes its development, we will have formed partnerships with institutions and organizations that provide substantial backing and services. These partnerships will include churches, synagogues, senior centers, medical groups, libraries, Native communities, LGBT communities, transportation support organizations, etc. These partnerships may be informal, contractual, and constantly evolving.They will always be mutually beneficial.
Santa Fe Neighbors is Driven by Volunteers
All the work of Santa Fe Neighbors/Vecinos de Santa Fe is done by volunteers, many of whom are also members. Volunteers make up our board of directors and serve on committees; volunteers coordinate community outreach programs; and volunteers provide essential member services. Without volunteers, we would cease to be. They create the connective bonds that join us together and the key to our succes.
Plan for tomorrow. Live for today.
Our Village exists to give its members what they want. Our members define our offerings by serving on the program committee, signing up for events, and by making suggestions and recommendations for services, partners, providers and social activities.
About Santa Fe Neighbors
What is Santa Fe Neighbors?
Santa Fe Neighbors (SFN) is a community-based, nonprofit membership organization that provides services and information to enable residents of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County to live safely, independently, and comfortably in their own homes as they age.
It’s one of more than 200 operating Villages across the country that offers older adults options for staying at home and staying active even after transportation and household chores become difficult or dangerous – the point at which many people leave the community they love.
Our mission is to enable local residents aged 55 and over to remain at home and to stay connected through a range of services provided by volunteers and approved vendors. We are dedicated to the concept of “Aging in Place.”